The Designer


About Susan Oster Design

With a strong and lengthy background in the arts and design, Susan Oster created the Feral Jewelry line in 2016.

Applying her passion for nature and animal life to the form, she began by incorporating organic elements such as fossils, feathers, wood and antlers into her pieces. By combining these elements with, and thereby elevating them to the status of the gem, the Feral Collection was born. Crafted with the finest diamonds and precious metals, this is truly fine jewelry.

Bold yet elegant, edgy and beautiful, the collection is a reflection of a woman’s inner instinct to connect with the natural, undomesticated side of herself. The design of each piece is inspired by feminine strength and a deep appreciation for design and self-expression.

Eric Von Bargen – Photography
Victoria Murdoch – Model
Chisu Kim – Makeup
Sophie Rose – Hair