Feral’s designs hold a special place for those who see the natural world as sacred, who see beauty in strange places and who are not afraid of the dark.  The collection celebrates nature in new ways.  It carefully looks at animal and natural life as it truly is, how it always has been and marks the wearer’s place in that vast and powerful history of renewal on earth.

Each piece is designed to create a connection to all that has come before you and all that will remain.  There is a sense of feminine power imbued in each design; these are statement pieces not only meant to last many lifetimes but also meant to express an elemental signature of strength.

A bit fierce, a little on the wild side, Feral is not for everyone, and is not intended to be.  Part of our mission is to bring an edge to world of fine jewelry that you won’t see every day.  The palette is inspired by natural life, the shapes by nature’s protective devices.

The result is untamed beauty.